Solution for Safe Interlocking Management of Chemical Plants/Depots Loading and Delive

In the chemical industry, fuel depots have always played a crucial role in receiving and dispatching oil as well as storing fuel products. With the rapid development of global digitization, networking, intelligence, and informatization, achieving highly automated and intelligent management of fuel depots has become possible.

OKet integrated loading and delivery management system seamlessly covers the entire process of loading and delivery operations, from business appointments, vehicle entry into the plant, automatic card retrieval for order acquisition, queue management, automatic vehicle weighing, quantitative loading control and safety interlocking, weighbridge settlement, anti-mixing during delivery, to leave factory. All these processes are intelligently controlled, with unified account management, facilitating data circulation and monitoring point implementation.

OKet Safety Loading and Delivery Interlock System is an intelligent loading and delivery system designed specifically for enterprises involved in the production and storage of hazardous chemicals. It is tailored for the loading and delivery processes of flammable liquids, liquefied hydrocarbons, and other hazardous chemicals. Using interlocking automatic control technology, it can achieve compliance checks for transport media, human static electricity release, proper crane pipe connection, overflow prevention, oil vapor recovery detection, and flammable gas leakage detection. By utilizing interlocking control between equipment, it enhances the safety and procedural compliance of the operation process.


Among them, the Process Controller is one of the main devices within the system: it features an integrated design in a cabinet-style unit. The equipment integrates key management controllers, human static electricity discharge meters, grounding bolt detectors, overflow prevention probes, etc. Additionally, optional equipment such as crane homing, flammable gas detection, gas-phase sensor monitoring, anti-mixing oil controllers, and wheel homing can be selected. The panel includes an operational process diagram, and through a combination of voice prompts and indicator light status displays, it guides employees step by step through the operation process. If a certain step is not completed, the next step cannot proceed, thus enforcing standardized and supervised operation behavior and enhancing the fundamental level of safety.


The entire system adopts a modular design, allowing for flexible customization and combination of applications.

OKet Safety Loading and delivery Interlock System can also be interlocked with the quantitative loading system. The quantitative loading controller can collect signals from mass flow meters to obtain loading information. When the loading amount reaches the set value, it can automatically stop loading, achieving batch precision control.

Moreover, at the enterprise level, a safety production information system can be deployed for remote comprehensive control of personnel, vehicles, production, and operations throughout the entire plant area. This system includes dual preventive mechanism systems, personnel automatic positioning systems, intelligent video surveillance systems, and comprehensive production factor management information construction.

OKet is a professional industrial Internet of Things solution provider that integrates software and hardware. With independently developed system solutions, OKet can provide enterprises with cost-saving, worry-free, and efficient professional management solutions.