OKET Gas Station IoT Solution(more than automation)

OKET® offers a comprehensive IoT solution for gas stations that enhances efficiency, safety, and real-time monitoring capabilities. The solution integrates various devices and platforms to streamline operations and provide actionable insights.



Key Components and Features:



1. Real-Time Data Gathering and Monitoring:

   - Inventory Monitoring: Real-time updates on fuel inventory, sales data, delivery information, and alarm details.

   - Nozzle and Dispenser Monitoring: Status tracking and flow measurement of fuel dispensers and nozzles.

   - Alarm Systems: Low fuel warnings, leak monitoring, and other critical alerts.


2. Integrated Information Platform:

   - Sales and Inventory Reports: Detailed reports on sales and inventory levels, accessible through a unified interface.

   - Remote Monitoring: Capabilities for remote oversight of gas station operations, including real-time data access and control.


3. Safety and Efficiency Enhancements:

   - Automated Safety Logic: Alarms for high fuel levels, grounding issues during unloading, and flammable gas detection.

   - Process Automation: Automated control of various processes to enhance safety and reduce manual intervention.

   - Intelligent Operations: Automated analysis and alerts for potential issues such as fuel theft and equipment malfunctions.


4. Edge Computing and Data Processing:

- IoT Gateway/Edge Computing: Facilitates seamless data integration and processing, ensuring all devices are interconnected and data is efficiently managed.

   - Centralized Data Display: Large screen and touch screen displays for comprehensive data visualization.


5. Case Studies:

   - Successful Implementations: Examples include installations at PetroChina and Sinopec flagship stations, showcasing significant improvements in operational efficiency and safety.