Intelligent Personnel Positioning Management System

System design architecture:


The Intelligent Personnel Positioning Management system applies Bluetooth technology, and the positioning card worn by the personnel receives the signal broadcast by the Bluetooth beacon installed in the field, and sends the beacon data to the positioning base station through long-distance wireless transmission technology. After receiving the data returned by the base station, the positioning engine performs geometric operations, sends the calculated personnel position coordinates to the server, and finally displays the personnel position on the digital map of the display terminal.
Effectively manage the unsafe behavior of overstaff, absence of staff, cross-border, cross-post etc., and improve the enterprise security control ability.




01 Personnel positioning in real time

Real-time display of personnel location information through digital maps. Click the positioning mark in the map to view the detailed information of the personnel, the system supports map scaling and multi-map switching mode, and can realize the switch between the map and the monitoring screen.


02 Personnel basic information management

The system has the function of information management for enterprise personnel and contractor personnel. Including the company, name, age, type of work, training, etc., it can also manage the information of other personnel such as visitors. The employee attendance can be displayed in data.


03 Personnel history track view

The system can store at least 30 days of personnel location information and time information to form a movement track, which can realize the query function of personnel history track and fully show the scope of personnel activities.


04 Electronic fence

The system can realize the authority management of dangerous and confidential areas. The setting of electronic fence supports the free delineation of the area, the setting of the start and end time, the alarm type and the selection of personnel. When unauthorized personnel enter the electronic fence, the system immediately sends an alarm and links the on-site video surveillance, which is convenient for managers to deal with in time.


05 SOS One click alarm

In the event of an emergency, the staff sends a help signal through the location tag, and the system intelligently displays the specific location of the personnel and the corresponding surveillance video, so that the management personnel can understand the situation on site in time.


06 Abnormal Alarm

The system can set a variety of types of alarm information (trespassing/gathering/off-duty/overcrowding/static/call for help), when an alarm event occurs, the management platform will automatically record the alarm information and issue an alarm prompt, which is convenient for managers to make rapid and effective response measures.


07 Statistical Analysis

The system can make statistics of personnel attendance information, alarm information and other data, through the bar chart and other intuitive way to display.


08 Video Linkage

When the system displays the location, it triggers the corresponding monitoring device and automatically retrieves the real-time monitoring screen on site. When the camera to be viewed is selected in the map, the video monitoring screen is immediately switched to the monitoring screen of the camera, which is convenient for the management personnel to know the situation on site in time.




Application Extension:


The system can open relevant interfaces according to the requirements of superior authorities and owners, and cooperate with enterprises to do a good job of connecting information to the emergency Management Bureau and other superior departments of the "safety production integration" platform. The information of personnel entering and leaving the enterprise, the distribution of personnel in each production and operation site, security risk zone information, overcrowding and emergency alarm information are uploaded in real time to the "safety production integration" platform to the emergency Management Bureau and its higher departments.


Application Display: