Chemical Plant / Depot Internal Floating Roof and Sealing Management Solution

Since the emergence of the energy and chemical industry, large vertical storage tanks have always been the main containers for liquid chemical products and oil storage. As an auxiliary facility of large storage tanks, the floating roof, including its material and structural properties, has a direct and significant impact on whether the storage tank can simultaneously meet the requirements of safety, environmental protection and production operation.

The OKet Vap-O-Loc® fully composite internal floating roof is entirely made of composite materials. The factory-prepared modules are formed into a whole through hot solid connection technology, without joints. The fully liquid-sealed design reduces the space for oil and gas volatilization, integrating safety, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and explosion resistance advantages. After nearly thirty years of market testing, it has gained widespread acclaim from tank owners for its safety and environmental performance comparable to steel-welded floating roofs, as well as its superior availability and incomparable corrosion resistance compared to traditional lightweight floating roofs. Additionally, it has been widely used in external floating roof applications for a long time.


Meanwhile, OKet Vap-O-Loc® floating roof is compatible with all known edge sealing system installations, including bag-type seals, mechanical shoe seals, tongue seals, high-compensating elastic seals, etc.


High-compensating elastic seal system: designed with high-elastic alloy plates combined with polytetrafluoroethylene sealing materials:

- It can effectively compensate for tank deformation, resist static electricity and corrosion, and has good air tightness.

- It can effectively suppress liquid volatilization, achieve source control of emissions, and meet strict emission control requirements.


High compensation elastic sealing system

Full contact of the body with no oil or gas space

Widely adaptable to tanks of various diameters, especially suitable for large diameter tanks.