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Contact Technical Support

Contact us with any questionson OKet Automatic Tank Gauge, Leak Detection System, or Installation and maintenance. Please contact Technical Support.

After-sales contact :

Tel: +86-18562529271
WhatsApp: +86-18562529271
Email: service@oket-cn.com

HSSE assurance audits

Oket promises to conduct at least three HSSE assurance audits in different countries every year to ensure that service providers have the ability to carry out equipment-related engineering work safely.

OKet's HSSE policy:

Life First, Responsible Care.

Leaders lead and manage risks.

Responsibility of all staff, solid foundation.

Safe development, green and low carbon.


HSSE goals pursued by OKet:

NO injury, No pollution, No accident

OKet's Philosophy:

The spirit of being highly responsible for life and society.
The concept of ecological civilization that coexists harmoniously with the natural environment.
Scientific management promotes the concept of intrinsic safety, perseveres, and makes it the common cognition and code of conduct of all employees and contractors. 


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