“All Side” Leakage detection Monitoring Solutions

The releases from underground storage tanks can contaminate soil, groundwater, surface water, or indoor air; releases can also result in fire and explosion hazards, as well as produce long-term health effects.

As a professional company in the field, OKet provides highly customizable automatic tank gauging system and leak detection solutions for fuel stations.

OKet offers a wide variety of leak detection sensors solutions to assist fuel station owners in monitoring their tanks, lines, sumps, and wells.

You can choose to integrate all sensors in ATG console PD-350+/PD-350P/MC-6 or you may have special sensor monitor alarmer LM-1.

Such as: PD-350+ ATG console could not only connect ATG probes, also integrate different type of leak sensors directly.


● Different type of leak sensors together with ATG probe could be integrated with J-box in the manhole of UST.

● Leak sensors and probes are installed in the same tank using one wire which is from tank field to the back office to the PD-350+ console. The console is monitoring the leak sensors in real time, any leak detected by leak sensors will trigger an alarm and generate a report.

OKet providing various sensors to satisfy your different needs:


All leak sensors could be integrated into OKet ATG consoles with visual and audible alarms that are convenient and easy to use.

If you have any interest in OKet’s underground storage tanks monitoring system, Please contact us.