Automatic Tank Gauge Solution for Fuel Stations

How do you know the fuel inventory of your stations now?
How to measure? By manual Dip-Stick? Is there any accuracy issue? Tank vapors release issue disturbing you?
How do you know when you need to ask delivery? and how do you know how much discharged into your underground tanks by tanker? Are there any oil spills that happened during the unloading process? Are there any Run-Out incidents that happened because the out-of-stock was not known in time? Are there any incidents of adding water to your customer's vehicle that happened because you didn't know there was too much water in the underground storage tank?

So, are you still being reminded or relying on people?
Could you know the fuel storage inventory accurately at anytime and anywhere?


Nowadays, major fuel-retail companies required gas stations to install ATG system, and network software platform for management.

Components of OKet's ATG solution:


ATGs for fuel stations, for DEF(Adblue), for LPG, and for mobile stations:


NOTE: Console of ATGs for road filling stations is not the same as mobile filling stations or mine terminals etc.

●When your console is installed indoors, you can configure PD-350+ or PD-350P with printer.
●When the console needs to be installed in a hazardous area, such as next to a storage tank, the MC-6 console needs to be installed with an explosion-proof enclosure to ensure safety and compliance.

Wireless ATG for optional:


“Tank Eye” Software—Remote monitoring platform:

The remote access features for the PD-350+, PD-350P,MC-6 Automatic Tank Gauges, deliver critical inventory and site data when and where it’s needed.


Tank-Eye Software Interface:

Browser based access to gauge data and management of configuration settings.


Tank-Eye Smart-Phone VIEW: 

       Android based application

       Apple iOS based link

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