OKet won the bidding for PetroChina Guangxi FF double-wall oil tank procurement project

Recently, in the bidding project of "Guangxi sales branch gas station SF, FF double-wall tank procurement" organized by the Southwest Branch of PetroChina Bidding Center, our company relied on superior product quality, excellent service installation team and good enterprise honor, won the first place in the bidding section 2 FRP double-wall underground oil tank (FF type) .

The winning bid is an affirmation of our comprehensive strength and technical level. It is also a recognition of our FF double-wall oil tank manufacturing business.


The inner and outer layers of 3DFF® composite material double-wall tank are made of FRP composite material, which belongs to FF type double-wall tank. Different from ordinary FF double-wall tank: the middle layer of 3DFF® double-wall tank adopts 3D composite material technology, and adopts reinforcing ribs integrally formed with the outer wall. Due to the adoption of these two technologies, combined with excellent design and production technology, 3DFF® double wall tank has the following advantages:

Both inner and outer layers are corrosion resistant.
There will be no pollution to the oil, and no sacrificial anode or cathode anti-corrosion measures are required for the double-wall tank.
Strong structure.
The unique negative film forming process ensures that the reinforcing ribs and the outer wall of the tank are integrally formed. The depth of the tank can reach 2.1 meters. It can be directly buried under the driveway without building a pressure pool.
All-day, all-round system leak detection.
The oil tank is adapted to the Class I vacuum leak detection method and the Class II liquid medium leak detection method, which can realize the monitoring of the oil tank and avoid the occurrence of safety and environmental protection accidents such as polluting groundwater and soil.
Easy to install and short construction period.
Using prefabricated ground anchors, modular assembly, easy and convenient to install.
The warranty period is 30 years, and the service life can reach 50 years.



At present, more than 20,000 3DFF® double-wall tanks have been sold and installed in China, which are used in gas stations and social stations of major systems such as Sinopec, PetroChina, Yanchang Shell, CNOOC, Sinochem Total, BP, and Sinopec Senmei, and have been praised by users.

Doing our best to achieve value; being worry-free and assured throughout the whole process is the consistent commitment of OKet. OKet is committed to providing customers with reliable oil storage solutions and strong continuous delivery capabilities, bringing continuous value benefits to customers.