Empowering Gas Station Managers: OKet Delivers High-Quality Training on ATGs

OKet Instrument Co., Ltd, the leading supplier of Tank Gauging (ATG) systems to Shandong Road Oil & Gas Management Co., Ltd, recently conducted a successful training program at the Qihe Training Base. The training, aimed at station managers and retail management personnel, focused on enhancing their knowledge and expertise in ATG system maintenance and operation.


Shandong Road Oil & Gas Management Co., Ltd is a joint venture between China Sinopec Corporation and Shandong Provincial Highway Construction Group Co., Ltd, primarily engaged in operating and managing petroleum products and natural gas sales for service areas and gas stations along Shandong's highways. With over 81 self-operated gas stations and a dedicated team of 700+ employees, the company's marketing network spans across 16 cities in the province.

The station manager training covered a wide range of topics, including on-site management, safety case studies, ATG maintenance, operation, corporate culture, anti-corrosion techniques, military training, and etiquette. The training program aimed to expand on previous courses while enhancing participants' operational and management capabilities.


As the primary supplier of ATGs for Shandong Road Oil & Gas Management Co., Ltd, OKet was invited to serve as the instructor for the training program. Led by Mr. Wang Chunlong, an expert from OKet, the training combined classroom lectures with practical hands-on exercises. Participants were given a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles and functions of ATG systems through detailed presentations. Additionally, the training covered the leakage detection principles and analysis of common alarm types related to various sensors commonly used in gas stations.

To further reinforce the theoretical knowledge, Mr. Wang Chunlong conducted practical training sessions in the ATG control room at the training base. Each group of participants received hands-on experience with the ATG operation, enabling them to gain practical skills and address common challenges faced in gas station operations. The precision and stability of the ATG system play a crucial role in the efficiency and quality of the entire gas station operation. Therefore, Mr. Wang Chunlong also emphasized the importance of regular maintenance and provided practical maintenance skills during the training.

■ The training program concluded with resounding success, with all participants expressing their satisfaction and gratitude. Through this intensive learning and training on ATG systems, participants strengthened their theoretical foundations, laying a solid groundwork for stable and efficient job performance. OKet's training efforts received widespread recognition and appreciation.

■ Rest assured, OKet is committed to providing value-added training services to our valued clients. Our training initiatives are integrated throughout the pre-sales, sales, and after-sales stages, aiming to equip users with the proficiency to operate our products and carry out basic maintenance tasks. This commitment helps improve work efficiency, ensure smooth product operation, and better serve gas station operations.

At OKet, we are dedicated to empowering gas station managers with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles. As we continue to provide top-notch training programs and exceptional customer service, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting our clients and contributing to the success of their gas station businesses.