OKET Safety Production Information System Goes Live in Dongying, Empowering Digital Safety Management

OKET, is proud to announce the successful launch of the OKET Safety Production Information System in Dongying. This innovative solution addresses the challenges faced by hazardous chemical companies in safety management, leveraging advanced technologies such as IoT, GIS/GPS visualization, and AI to create a comprehensive digital platform.

The OKET Safety Production Information System integrates various modules, including a risk monitoring and early warning system, personnel positioning system, dual prevention mechanism, video surveillance, and comprehensive safety management. With real-time monitoring and proactive risk detection, the system ensures compliance with safety regulations and enhances overall safety performance.


Utilizing state-of-the-art digital display systems with 80 55-inch LCD screens, the platform provides an immersive monitoring experience. Clients can easily access key performance indicators and real-time data, meeting the stringent requirements of control rooms. The OKET Safety Production Information System is designed to optimize safety management for hazardous chemical companies, enabling them to achieve higher safety standards, prevent accidents, and foster a safer working environment.



By streamlining safety procedures, integrating multiple systems, and providing comprehensive data analysis, the OKET Safety Production Information System enhances operational efficiency and reduces human error. The system supports real-time tracking and monitoring of personnel, ensuring compliance with safety protocols and quick response in case of emergencies. Additionally, the system offers video surveillance capabilities, enabling companies to proactively identify and address potential risks.

The successful implementation of the OKET Safety Production Information System in Dongying demonstrates our commitment to driving digital transformation in safety management. By leveraging technology and providing a comprehensive platform, OKET empowers hazardous chemical companies to enhance safety practices, mitigate risks, and create a safer working environment.