Driving Recorder
Driving Recorder integrates 3G/4G video, car driving recorder, and vehicle positioning monitoring. It can effectively record vehicle driving data (driving speed record, accident point record, overtime driving record), and can effectively monitor the work quality of drivers, reduce The occurrence of traffic accidents, improve the level of vehicle operation.


●Monitoring function: Beidou/GPS dual-mode positioning, 3G/4G video real-time upload monitoring, video storage monitoring.

●Vehicle detection and control functions: signal detection and control, road detection, vehicle CAN bus functions, etc.

●Alarm function: It can generate emergency alarm, parking timeout alarm, overspeed alarm, fatigue driving alarm, deviating line alarm, entering and exiting area, power failure alarm, low voltage alarm, satellite positioning module fault alarm, satellite positioning antenna open and short circuit alarm, etc. immediately Uploaded to the monitoring center, and reminded by the alarm buzzer and voice TTS broadcast.

●Driving recorder function: The recorder data conforms to the GB/T 19056-2012 standard, supports information collection and storage, driver identification, parameter setting, data export, data and information printing, and can be remotely retrieved through the platform or local serial port Extract logger data.

●Screen display: coordinates, alarm, temperature, acceleration, voltage, software version, network status, driver information, vehicle real-time status and other information.

●Support 2 SD cards and SSD at the same time, SD single card supports up to 64G, SSD supports up to 2T.

●Supports up to 8 channels of video and 4 channels of audio.

●Powerful local GUI, external Android touch screen for local video playback and parameter setting.

●Interface: USB interface, RS232 interface, RS485 interface CAN interface, pickup, speaker, SIM card, network port, WIFI interface, security lock, security door, D89 serial port, IC card, CVBS interface, LCD screen, 1-way pulse speed measurement.