Fuel Tanker Suspected of Water Injection? Why Not Use Automatic Tank Gauge as a "Weapon"!

On March 23rd, a video circulating on the internet showing a "fuel tanker suspected of water injection and then transported to another area" quickly sparked widespread attention and discussion across various sectors of society. Concerned departments have swiftly launched an investigation into this suspected case of water injection in fuel sales and reported it to the public security department.


As an essential tool for transporting fuel, the safety and compliance of fuel tankers are directly related to the quality of fuel and market order. Water injection in fuel sales not only seriously damages consumers' interests but may also cause damage to vehicles and mechanical equipment, and even lead to safety accidents.


So, how can we improve the quality and safety of finished fuel transportation?


OKet has proposed a comprehensive tanker tracking and remote monitoring system solution for hazardous chemical transport vehicles, covering aspects such as transport spillage, residual fuel discharge, fuel water testing, valve monitoring, vehicle management, personnel management, cargo management, etc. This solution comprehensively prevents leaks, water adulteration, and substandard fuel filling, enhancing the quality and safety of finished fuel transportation.


Automatic Tank Gauge System


By uploading real-time liquid level data, the system can display whether there is any abnormal change in liquid level during transportation, identifying suspected behaviors such as switching to other inferior oils or fuel water injection. Combined with valve switch records, parking information, etc., abnormal behavior can be comprehensively judged. It can also automatically capture abnormal pre- and post-videos for viewing through linkage with explosion-proof cameras, facilitating analysis.


Electronic Sealings


Real-time monitoring of the status of three key valves: underwater valve, manhole cover, and API bottom-loading valve during transportation. Combined with satellite positioning systems and wireless data networking systems, the system uploads the valve switch status and position to the control backend. An alarm will be triggered in case of abnormal opening, reminding managers. With the combination of vehicle-mounted liquid level meter and video surveillance, fuel safety management during transportation can be achieved, preventing accidents in advance.


Tanker tracking and remote monitoring system


OKet is committed to providing transportation process quality and safety management equipment and system solutions for specialized vehicles such as hazardous chemical transport vehicles, enhancing the quality and safety of fuel products from source to end, achieving comprehensive protection and monitoring during finished fuel secondary distribution, and contributing to the maintenance of a fair, just, and safe fuel market environment.


By implementing these solutions, companies can better monitor their fuel transportation processes, detect any anomalies or potential tampering, and ensure the integrity and quality of their fuel products. This not only protects consumers and the environment but also helps businesses maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards.