OKet Unleashes Cutting-Edge Solutions at the 9th Petrochemical Storage and Logistics Summit in Xiamen

At the crossroads of innovation and intelligence, OKet, stole the spotlight at the 9th Petrochemical Storage and Logistics Summit in Xiamen. In collaboration with the China Chemical Industry Circulation Association's Storage Branch, China Industrial News, and the Taide Holdings Group, OKet showcased its revolutionary products and management solutions.

Smart. Safe. Sustainable.

OKet's Comprehensive Hazardous Material Solutions Shine Bright!

Safety First: The 7+N Safety Loading and Unloading Interlock System
OKet's state-of-the-art system guarantees a secure environment, keeping safety at the forefront of all operations.

Quantitative Precision: The Quantitative Loading System
Revolutionizing precision loading, OKet's system ensures accuracy with the Quantitative Loading Batch Controller and Mass Flow Meter.

Next-Level Monitoring: Radar Level Gauge
Elevating monitoring capabilities with advanced radar technology for unparalleled accuracy.

Float into the Future: VAP-O-LOC® Fully Composite Float and Seal System

OKet's innovative float system, boasting seven technical advantages, stole the spotlight, impressing experts and clients alike.




OKet's Impact:

OKet's solutions redefine industrial hazardous material management. As a key player in the "Mechanization Replacing Labor, Automation Reducing Labor, and Intelligent Unmanned Operations" initiative by the Shandong Provincial Emergency Management Department and Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, OKet continues to shape the industry's future.

What's Next?

OKet is committed to pushing boundaries, enhancing technical prowess, and setting new standards in intelligent solutions. Stay tuned as we redefine the possibilities in hazardous material storage and handling.

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