520 World Metrology Day - Romance in the measurement

On the loving day of May 20, we ushered in the 24th "World Metrology Day".

World Metrology Day: It was established by the International Meter Convention Organization and the International Legal Metrology Organization to commemorate the signing of the Meter Convention on May 20, 1875. In 1999, the International Conference on Metrology voted to decide that since 2000, the date of the signing of the Meter Convention (May 20) would be regarded as "World Metrology Day".

The theme of this year is "Measurements supporting the global food system".

From "determine acres by step", "measure time by water drop", to the application of rulers, buckets, and scales, up to the current accurate measurement tools, mankind have never stopped studying measurement. Measurement touches every aspect of our lives. Accurate measurement value is the "first line of defense" to ensure market fairness and realize safe consumption. In order to cooperate with the "World Metrology Day" activities, Sinopec Guangdong Zhaoqing Petroleum Branch & Xinxi Oil Depot jointly organized an equipment exhibition centering on the whole process of oil product purchase, sale and inventory handover and measurement management, aiming to further popularize digital and intelligent measurement technology, practice the social responsibility of "high quality, sufficient quantity, customer satisfaction" with practical actions.

As one of the long-term equipment suppliers of petroleum companies, OKet participated in this exhibition with equipment such as automatic tank gauge system, environmental monitoring sensor, and OPC dispenser calibrator. Li Shengnan, the service manager of OKet, provided explanation support.



01 Automatic tank gauge system

The traditional handover way of oil products is manual tanker measurement and handover. Through the deepening application of automatic tank gauge, automatic measurement of oil products in tanks at gas stations and handover acceptance can be realized (for short ground tank handover). The PLS series automatic tank gauge system designed, produced, sold and serviced by OKet is specially designed for automatic metering, inventory management, safety and environmental protection of gas stations. With the corresponding software, it can realize the safety monitoring of oil products and facilities in gas stations, network management basic data collection, and refined and intelligent gas station management.

02 Environmental Monitoring Sensors

OKet has a complete product line of environmental monitoring sensors for gas stations, including FF double-wall tank leak detection sensors, SF double-wall tank leak detection sensors, double-layer pipeline leak detection sensors, manhole and dispenser pan leak detection sensors, etc.. All sensor monitoring information can be integrated into the ATG console or the integrated leak detection alarm, and the control terminal can realize monitoring, alarm, recording and uploading in a unified manner. Through intelligent analysis, gas station staff can quickly determine where leakage or failure occurs, so that hidden safety and environmental protection risks can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

03 OPC dispenser calibrator

As a measuring instrument for the settlement of refined oil product retail trade, the dispenser is a compulsory verification measuring instrument under the key management of nation. Whether its measurement is accurate involves the vital interests of all the vehicle owners and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Based on many years of sensor foundation, OKet has developed, produced and launched the OPC series dispenser calibrator. The device replaces all manual readings and calculations by sensors, and realizes automatic acquisition of liquid level height, temperature and other data required for calibration, and can be directly calculated and displayed. Compared with the manual detection method, the OPC series dispenser calibrator saves the manual operation through automatic measurement, reduces the reading error that is easily caused by the manual operation, and has higher accuracy and repeatability accuracy. On the other hand, it facilitates the calibration operation process and improves the calibration efficiency. 


The 520 "World Metrology Day" activity was a complete success. OKet is very grateful for such an exchange opportunity. In the future, we will continue to strengthen the application of automatic measurement technology, deepen the information management of measurement data, and promote the company's measurement management level and measurement technology to achieve new improvements and new developments.