Introducing the OKET RTG7800 Radar Level Transmitter


OKET is proud to announce the release of our latest product, the RTG7800 Radar Level Transmitter. This cutting-edge radar level measurement device has quickly gained recognition and widespread adoption in the chemical industry, thanks to its non-contact measurement method, small measurement blind zone, wide measuring range, high continuous measurement accuracy, and minimal influence from medium properties.

The RTG7800 operates on the principles of a frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar level transmitter, utilizing a 76-81GHz frequency range. Its advanced working mechanism involves the emission, reflection, and reception of radar signals. With the radar sensor's antenna emitting signals in a precise beam, the FMCW radar transmits signals with specific modulation and receives backscattered echoes from the target medium. By analyzing the frequency difference between the emitted signal and the received echo, the distance between the target and the radar level transmitter is accurately determined.


Comprising a state-of-the-art radar signal processing module, a user-friendly LCD display panel, a high-performance lens antenna, a robust housing, and a convenient cable outlet, the RTG7800 guarantees exceptional performance. The radar signal processing module adeptly handles signal transmission and reception, enabling the calculation of precise distances between the medium and the probe. The measured level parameters are instantaneously displayed on the LCD panel, and users can conveniently adjust local parameter settings using the intuitive control buttons. With the lens antenna optimizing the radar signal's beam angle, this non-contact measurement process remains unaffected by temperature, pressure, or gas interference, making it particularly suitable for measuring liquid levels in containers holding flammable, explosive, or highly corrosive media. The measurement range extends up to an impressive 30 meters, with an outstanding measurement accuracy of ±2mm.

The OKET RTG7800 Radar Level Transmitter boasts several advantages, making it the preferred choice for reliable level measurements:

1. Its narrow beam angle concentrates energy, enhancing echo capabilities while minimizing interference.
2. High measurement sensitivity, empowered by the 81GHz chip and 4GHz bandwidth, delivers superior resolution and accuracy.
3. Robust penetrating ability, immune to corrosion, foam, condensation, or hanging material, ensuring adaptability to various operating conditions.
4. A small measurement blind zone, attributed to the self-developed millimeter-wave radiofrequency chip, providing excellent performance even in small tanks.
5. Remarkable anti-interference properties, delivering optimal performance even under fluctuating conditions.
6. Utilizing non-contact radar technology, it ensures no wear and no contamination.
7. Its easy installation and low maintenance design support flange or thread connections for simplified installation.
8. It seamlessly integrates with other control terminals for signal transmission, enabling high-level alarms or interlock control.

The OKET RTG7800 Radar Level Transmitter, with its inherent advantages, guarantees precise, repeatable, and stable level measurements, providing a solid foundation for smooth operation in petroleum and petrochemical production facilities.