Enabling Industry by Technology and driving innovation by business/OKet appears at 2023 EPEC Industrial Products Exhibition!


On April 13, 2023 EPEC Industrial Products Exhibition» opened in Suzhou International Expo Center. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the exhibition is jointly organized by EPEC, China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association and Beijing Great Wall E-commerce Co., LTD.

The exhibition area of EPEC Industrial Products Exhibition is 53,000 square meters. More than 500 important industrial enterprises attended the exhibition and there are nearly 40,000 visitors. It is a large exhibition event covering the whole industrial chain of petroleum and petrochemical industry and pan-industrial products.


OKet was invited to attend the exhibition and settled in the energy station exhibition area -- B1-02.

OKet has been deeply engaged in the industry for 20 years, and has been committed to providing all-round intelligent solutions from software to hardware, from materials to equipment based on the business needs of industry customers in anticorrosive, safety, environmental protection, quantity and quality measurement. In this exhibition, OKet designed and built a 100 square meters special exhibition stand, which comprehensively displayed the new products, new technologies and new solutions of OKet in the fields of gas/refueling station, transportation of dangerous petrochemicals, petrochemical storage, loading&unloading operations. The specific exhibits include:  

Gas/refueling station - intelligent products and solutions:

3DFF® FRP Double-wall Storage-tank, FA+high-precision portable fuel discharge flowmeter, DPA-100 fuel discharge process controller, automatic tank gauge system, environmental monitoring sensor for leakage of underground storage tanks and pipelines, OPC dispenser calibrator, fuel product measurement and environment monitoring platform, intelligent video monitoring system of gas station (including AI intelligent box), IoT at gas station etc.

Transportation of dangerous petrochemicals- intelligent management plan of whole process of quantity, quality and safety prevention and control: 

Vehicle-mounted automatic tank gauge system, E-sealing system, anti-overflow system, vehicle-mounted empty-detection, water sensor, oil and gas recovery airtightness detector, emergency disconnect alarm and control system, vehicle-mounted management background etc.

Petrochemical storage and loading&unloading operations-Solution to improve the essential security level:

Safe handling system for loading&unloading operations (UPA-50 all-in-one process controller, crane homing controller, combustible/toxic gas detection and alarm system, gas phase monitoring sensor, etc.), quantitative dispatching system (QLC-1 quantitative loading controller, quantitative loading monitoring platform), AMF mass flowmeter, radar level gauge, information platform for safe production of dangerous petrochemicals etc.

The rich products and cutting-edge technologies highlight the «technology enabling», «product innovation» and the ability to provide integrated solutions of OKet in the field of petrochemical industry. The exhibition area has attracted the attention and exchange of many industry customers, experts and visitors.

Exhibition magic moments:


Miao Zhao of OKet delivered the keynote speech Intelligent Application of New Materials Combined with Industrial Internet of Things in the Field of Petrochemical Circulation on «Industrial TED show:


20230420_103822 (1).png

The three-day exhibition came to an end successfully, and OKet has achieved great results. Through this opportunity, OKet is not only honored to receive customers and friends, in-depth communication and cooperation intention, but also to show the brand strength of OKet in the industry by a shining business card.

Enabling Industry by Technology and driving innovation by deep insights. In recent years, OKet has followed the development trend of petrochemical downstream field, collected the needs, and provided a series of solutions, which are widely used in more than 20 countries and regions. In the local market, large oil companies such as PetroChina and Sinopec, and many liquid hazardous petrochemical production and storage enterprises, as well as transportation companies, are all our cooperative customers. 

In the future, OKet will continue to fully release the advantages of Group, to promote the development of industrial IoT, digital transformation and new material application in the professional field, and to enable and escort the sustainable development of industry customers based on the intelligent manufacturing experience, technical equipment and talent accumulation in the industrial chain.