How do PetroChina retailers use the OKET software platform for remote management of fuel stations

OKet® is the main supplier of Automatic Tank Gauges for PetroChina Retail. One branch of PetroChina Retail which have about 1,000 fuel stations wanted to remote management of automatic tank gauges and environmental monitoring equipments for fuel stations. This will simplify their management communication and, more importantly, transfer the gauging management authority of ATGs to management,such as the modification and replacement of the tank-chart of the underground storage tanks, and the adjustment authority of the ATG's title compensation.

This branch of this PetroChina Retail has about 80% of the ATGs installations of OKet® brand. Based on OKet® ATGs data collection platform——Tank eye, this retailer discussed with OKet®, and OKet® provided this remote software management platform solution.

What are the needs of fuel retail companies?

●The retailer has nearly 1,000 fuel stations, and it used to be a hassle to manage each tank at each station. However, through the networking of ATGs consoles to collect fuel station unloading and storage data, and to grasp the fuel quantity of each fuel station's fuel tank in real time, it will simplify the management of the fuel quantity of large chain fuel stations. So the most basic requirement is to connect the ATGs to the network so that the data can be uploaded.

●This PetroChina branch retailer hope to upload the ATGs data of each fuel station to their self-built server, At the same time, they are required to be able to remotely set the volume table and alarm parameters of the storage tank, so that to reduce the times of service providers go to the sites and save maintenance costs.

●Data should be guaranteed by effective security.

●Effectively control environmental risks. By using the software platform, when any leak sensor detects a leak, it can get early warning information on the software platform.


What solution did OKet® do?

●The OKet® ATGs remote software platform tank eye system conducts unified monitoring of PD-3 ATG consoles and PD-6 intelligent consoles in all fuel stations of this retailer. Including equipment online status, tanker unloading status, sales status, real-time inventory and alarm information. In this way, the prompts generated by the alarm information of abnormal conditions can be located to the station and tank number, which is clear and intuitive.


●ATG Consoles upgrade: The PD-3+ type ATG is upgraded, and the new station directly applies the very cash PD-6 type console,which have two screen and more strong fuctions.

●For environmental monitoring, OKet®'s ATG not only has the function of static and dynamic leakage of oil tanks, but also can provide a variety of leak detection sensor monitoring interfaces. It can be directly connected to the double-layer tank leak detection sensor, the double-layer pipe leak detection sensor, the tanker chassis leak detection sensor, the manhole well leak detection sensor, etc., and upload the relevant alarm status to the software platform, so that the management of the retailer can be unified management and analysis.


●OKet®'s tank eye remote platform realizes remote setting of measurement parameters, such as liquid level alarm value, volume meter and other important parameters.

●OKet®'s tank eye remote platform supports viewing and statistical analysis of the oil product sales of each station, the curve graph to analyze the sales trend, the heat map to analyze the oil sales of different gas stations or cities at different times, and the A variety of sales reports, combined with inventory conditions, carry out loss-overflow analysis for reference for decision-making. Record and analyze all kinds of alarms generated by the fuel station, such as inventory level alarms (delivery warnings). When an alarm occurs, the alarm information will be pushed through a pop-up window on the home page, and relevant records will be generated for later review and traceability.

●Relying on the deployment of the oil company's intranet, the data security is not leaked, and the authority is managed in different levels.

Retailer benefit:


●By using the OKet® ATG remote tank eye system, this PetroChina retail branch has realized the intelligent management of gauging and safety and environmental protection of all filling stations. Not only can remotely view statistical information and obtain real-time alarm information, but also enable timely discovery and timely processing of information such as faults and alarms, eliminating management blind spots and improving management efficiency.

●It enables the management to remotely view, remotely upgrade or set and adjust equipment parameters, reducing the number of service providers on the site, and the participation of site-level operators, reducing operation and maintenance costs.

●Through the loss-overflow statistical records and multi-dimensional analysis reports, the loss is greatly reduced, and more data reference and decision-making support are provided for the formulation and management of sales strategies.

●Special personnel and special permissions to prevent security loopholes.