How did OKET Automatic Tank Gauges to empower one of Sinopec fuel retailer

OKet® is the main supplier of Automatic Tank Gauges for Sinopec Retail. One branch of Sinopec Retail which have more than 2,000 fuel stations wanted to do a renovation project for underground storage tank gauge and environmental monitoring integrated as well to meet the requirements of Chinese Water Conservation Act, released in 2015 which requires the completion of underground storage tanks renovations.


This branch of Sinopec Retail has about 90% of the ATGs installations of OKet® brand. Based on meeting the requirements of the regulations and at the same time requiring technical optimization and better cost, OKet® has made a very good solution.

What are the needs of fuel retail companies?

●Automatic tank gauge is the basic demand in such a big Retailer of more than 2000 fuel stations, and these ATGs must be able to connect to the Internet, allowing managers to see information such as real-time storage of each tank remotely in their office.

●As required by regulations the single-layer underground tanks were replaced with double-layer storage tanks, a large number of environmental leakage sensors will be installed. These sensors should be able to alarm in the station site, and the status and alarm should also be uploaded, so that the management could known and be reminded remotely.

●The data of Automatic Tank Gauges in real time together with the leakage monitoring sensors, be integrated uploaded. What's more, retailers don't want to spend more to install any separate alarms for the leak sensors, but instead share it with the ATGs console.

What solution did OKet® do?

●OKet® upgraded the ATGs console already used in the fuel station, and connected the double-wall tank leak sensors and the double-wall pipeline leak sensors to the console through the ATG probe communication line in the manhole well. Not only did the retailer not add alarm systems, but they didn't even re-embed the communication lines, saving a lot of money.

●As the OKet® ATG console is an 8.0-inch color touch screen, OKet®'s software upgrade is to add a leak detection sensor monitoring interface on the ATG console. It helps the operator of the fuel station to see the status and alarm of these sensors very intuitively.

●After the upgrade, the Automatic Tank Gauges console monitors in real time: fuel height, water height, total volume, net volume, water volume, and leakage monitoring sensor status, alarm information, all integrated, and upload this information together to the retailer's software platform.


Retailer benefit:

●Choose OKet® Automatic Tank Gauges console works as both tank storage gauge management and leakage environmental protection management, which is more economical and money-saving.

●For station users, the operation and use are very simple, and the maintenance management is more efficient.

●For the fuel station managers of retailers, the unified monitoring, alarming, recording and uploading of fuel management and leakage monitoring is helpful for timely judgment and resolution of alarm situations, makes management worry-free.

●Save the cost of purchasing not only a number of equipments but also construction for wiring, and make the construction of the gas station more simple and beautiful.