OPC Dispenser Calibrator
Based on the standard metal gauge, temperature and liquid level detection sensors are added to collect real-time data and automatically calculate the accuracy of the oil gun.

OPC-Structure introduction


Operation comparison:



Accuracy calculation:

● Temperature accuracy, using a platinum resistance temperature sensor with an accuracy of ±0.1°C, compared to using a mercury thermometer to measure, has good temperature followability and quick response;

● After stabilizing the oil, immediately read the temperature and height of the container at the same time to minimize the impact of ambient temperature;

● No manual reading is required, the error of manual reading is minimized, and the accuracy result is directly displayed, which is convenient for efficiently achieving multiple verifications of the oil gun.

Record use and storage:

● The verification result is stored in the form of verification report, including time, gas station name, oil gun number, etc., which is convenient for query;

● Support data export in the form of image sharing or Excel.