OKET's A&Z Company Awarded AAAAA Green Enterprise and Five-Star Green Supply Chain Certifications

On May 25-26, OKET's A&Z Company successfully passed the certification company's review, achieving the AAAAA-level requirements specified in the CTS JC 008-2023 "Green Enterprise Certification Technical Specification" standard for its green enterprise service capabilities.



At the same time, the company was also evaluated and met the five-star requirements specified in GB/T 39257-2020 & JY-ECGSC-R-001 "Green Manufacturing: Evaluation Guidelines for Green Supply Chain Management of Manufacturing Enterprises," successfully obtaining the certification for its green supply chain capabilities.


Scope of Certification

The certification covers the service processes, activities, and green enterprise management activities related to the evaluation of green supply chain levels in the research, production, and technical services of fiberglass reinforced plastic double-walled storage tanks, floating roofs, and accessories within the qualification scope.

Green enterprises commit to sustainable development, integrating green concepts and practices throughout the entire lifecycle of the enterprise. This ensures that products adhere to clean, efficient, low-carbon, and circular green principles throughout the processes of design, research and development, technology, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and waste disposal. This certification not only examines the production process but also evaluates the company's environmental performance throughout the entire supply chain.

This certification is a significant achievement for OKET's A&Z Company and represents high industry recognition of its efforts in sustainable development and environmental protection.

Green, Low-Carbon, Efficient, and Safe

In the future, OKET's A&Z Company will further increase investment in environmental protection, promote technological innovation, and ensure the production of high-quality products that meet environmental requirements. At the same time, the company will guarantee the safety and reliability of its products, enhance service levels, and make greater contributions to the coordinated promotion of high-end, intelligent, and green development in the industry.