OKet participated in the 6th China Modern Coal Chemical Technology and Equipment Intelligent Conference


From June 24th to 25th, 2024, the "6th China Modern Coal Chemical Technology and Equipment Intelligence Conference and Equipment Renewal and Technological Transformation Symposium" hosted by the China Machinery Industry Federation was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi. The conference thoroughly implemented the important instructions and requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the development of the coal chemical industry, with the theme of "cultivating new quality productivity and promoting the new development of the industry", attracting more than 300 representatives from national energy groups, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and local industry technical products and service providers such as China Coal, Sinopec and Shaanxi Coal to participate in the conference.

Qingdao OKet Instrument Co., Ltd. exhibited solutions including the interlock system for safe loading and unloading of hazardous chemicals, the coal chemical industry safety production information system, and the composite material inner floating plate.

The company's exhibition stand:



The company's loading and unloading process controller, quantitative loading controller, radar level gauge, wireless combustible gas detector, composite material inner floating plate and other products attracted many conference representatives to visit and consult. OKet staff gave detailed answers and the atmosphere was lively.

OKet's safey loading and unloading interlocking system is an intelligent loading and unloading system designed for enterprises involved in the production and storage of hazardous chemicals. It uses interlocking automatic control technology to realize the transportation medium compliance inspection, vehicle key management, human body static electricity release, vehicle static electricity release, crane pipe connection, overflow prevention, oil and gas recovery detection, combustible gas leakage detection, etc. in the loading and unloading process of hazardous chemicals such as flammable liquids and liquefied hydrocarbons. Interlocking control between equipment is used to improve the safety of the operation process and the standardization of the process.


The quantitative loading system of OKet can be interlocked with the safety loading and unloading interlocking system, and the quantitative loading controller can collect the signal of the mass flowmeter to obtain the loading volume information, and when the loading volume reaches the set value, it can automatically stop loading to achieve batch precision control.


At the same time, on the enterprise side, a safe production information system can be deployed. The system includes a double prevention mechanism system, an automatic personnel positioning system, an intelligent video surveillance system, an information construction of all production factors management, a major hazard source monitoring and early warning system, an intelligent inspection system, a contractor management system, a process production alarm optimization system, etc. The coal chemical enterprises can remotely and comprehensively control the personnel, vehicles, production and operations of the whole plant, and use more intelligent management technology to realize the integrated management of prevention, in-process monitoring and post-event traceability, improve the safety and management efficiency, reduce the potential safety hazards, and realize the intelligent, digital and information-based management of the plant.


As a professional industrial IoT solution provider integrating software and hardware, OKet is willing to work with more partners to assist coal chemical enterprises in achieving intelligent and efficient management upgrades.