New product——OPC Automatic Nozzle Verification system

Dispenser is a kind of OML control device in the fuel station. The accuracy of each nozzle is very important for both station owners and clients. Normally, it should be calibrated in a period. While the traditional way to verify the nozzle with the metal gauge is very complex and easily resulted to uncorrected data.

OKet automatic Nozzle verification system can realize automatic measurement during the calibration process. Under the premise of fully guaranteeing accuracy and repeatability, it reduces the requirements for operators and does not require measurement training.



Based on the standard metal gauge, temperature and liquid level detection sensors are added to collect real-time data and automatically calculate the accuracy of the nozzle. The device displays the current verification results, and the mobile APP terminal obtains multiple verification results and generates verification reports, which are stored in the form of verification report records, and the records can be exported as Excel or pictures.