BP-Petrochina achieved 70 million kilometers safe driving record

As of September 30, 2020, BP-Petrochina has achieved a major safety milestone of 70 million kilometers of safe driving without serious vehicle accidents. This is the best road safety performance achieved by the joint venture company since its establishment in 2001. It is also a world-class road safety record!

BP-Petrochina has always adopted high-standard vehicles that meet the EU ADR standards in the selection of delivery vehicles, and has signed long-term contracts with carriers to encourage and support its selection and deployment of high-performance vehicles, improve the level of vehicle equipment and ensure its integrity And safety.


In the vehicle technology and equipment of BP-Petrochina, the digital quality and safety management equipment and system solutions during the transportation of hazardous chemicals provided by OKet have been implemented and applied, including vehicle level gauge system, vehicle electronic sealing system, water detection sensor, hazardous chemicals vehicle management platform, ADASDSM, curve speeding monitoring, etc.