Road Transport Specialist of Hazardous Chemicals visited of OKet

Recently, Shell road transport specialist of hazardous chemical together with the head of asia-pacific region took a visit of OKet, and had a communication on the tanker truck products and the oil manangement solutions.


In the past 20 years, OKet focus on the product development and innovation in the field of refined oil circulation, until now, OKet has many product lines, including ATG system, FRP double wall tank and relevant leak detection sensors, beside that, tanker truck system also be covered, it realizes the cooperative management of the safety, quantity and quality in the whole process of hazardous oil transportation.


Fisrt of all, experts first visited the headquarter building of OKet, and got to know the whole line of products, with emphasis on the tanker turck system, including tanker truck ATG system, water detect sensor, and overfill prevention probe, etc. Subsequently, the two sides discussed the products and existing solutions at the technical level.




Shell has entered the Chinese market for more than a century, now it has developed into one of the largest international oil companies in the world, its five business sectors are exploration and production, oil products, natural gas and electricity, chemical industry and renewable energy. The visitors, who are Shell headquarters experts in road transport of hazardous chemicals , play a decisive role in the formulation of industry standards. Through the exchange of this visit and the later field visit, the experts said that "OKet equipment integration is high, stability is good, after-sales service is perfect, is a trusted partner."