OKet successfully passed the first supervision and audit of the intellectual property management system

In order to improve the level of intellectual property management, OKet completed the implementation of intellectual property standards in June last year. On June 18, 2022, in order to evaluate whether the established intellectual property management system has been effectively improved and maintained, China Audit (Shenzhen) Certification Co., Ltd. conducted the first supervision and audit of OKet.

The system coverage of this audit is the intellectual property management of R&D, production and sales of gas station oil tank automatic tank gauges and gas station oil tank automatic tank gauge consoles. It is led by two review experts and involves management representatives, human resources Department, Production and Sales.


During the one-day audit, the evaluation experts learned about the use of the OKet certification mark, the handling of complaints, the formulation and completion of intellectual property objectives, and the update of patent and trademark ledgers through sampling inspections and interviews. In the audit report of the last meeting, the two experts fully affirmed the intellectual property management work of OKet over the past year, and decided to recommend maintaining the certification. At the same time, they also put forward more rational suggestions on the acquisition, maintenance, utilization and protection of intellectual property rights.