OKet's employees are doing their best to ensure the delivery in high temperature and extreme heat

In recent days, the temperature in various regions has continued to rise, and the local maximum temperature can reach 41 ℃.
But in OKet®, there is a group of people who are bathing in the heat wave and fighting on the front line of high temperature operation.


ATG for tanker truck, intelligent API valve, emptying detection system...
OKet® intelligent control equipment for tanker truck,
On the 200 oil tankers of PetroChina Transportation Shanxi Branch,
Installed in full swing.

Baked by the sun to 60°C on the top of the tanker, the bottom of the narrow tanker,
It is the figure of OKet® people who are busy, focused and sweating like rain.


In order to complete the order as soon as possible with high quality and quantity,
Fighting the heat, fighting the sweltering heat,
The work clothes were soaked in sweat and never dried again.


They are not afraid of the heat, and they fight at night with lights,
Created one after another OKet® speed,
Delivering one after another of OKet® quality!


In this summer, all of OKet® employees,
With practical actions, the interpretation of responsibility and responsibility,
With sweat and perseverance, we go all out to ensure high-quality delivery.


Pay tribute
The adherents under the high temperature, you have worked hard!