OKet participated in the 8th Petrochemical Warehousing High-level Forum (Lianyungang)


2022 is the third year since the outbreak of the COVID-19, which has brought a huge impact and impact on the entire petrochemical industry. The international situation is ups and downs, the price of crude oil fluctuates at a high level, the competition in the industry continues to intensify, the safety accidents in the chemical industry are frequent, the state is more strict on safety and environmental protection supervision, and the dual carbon goal has been clarified. It is under such a situation that on September 20, 2022, the 8th Petrochemical Warehousing High-level Forum and Petrochemical Warehousing Industry Advanced Technology Products Exhibition hosted by the China Chemical Circulation Association Warehousing Branch was held in Lianyungang, Jiangsu. Since its establishment in 2016, the petrochemical storage high-level forum has become a well-known platform for colleagues in the petrochemical storage industry to conduct professional exchanges and friend gatherings.

At this forum, OKet®was invited by the organizing committee to gather in Lianyungang with more than 100 industry experts and corporate executives from reservoir areas, terminals, refining and chemicals, trade and related service providers to focus on petrochemical industry trends and dual-carbon strategies. The next opportunities and challenges, new technologies and innovations in the industry, warehouse safety management and other topics will directly focus on the industry, and discuss the future way out of the petrochemical warehousing industry.

Oil and liquid chemicals in the loading and unloading and storage process, will produce a large number of volatile organic emissions, resulting in environmental pollution, waste of resources, but also easy to bring safety hazards.

OKet®has 20 years of professional research and industry service experience in the petrochemical warehousing industry. From the storage of hazardous chemicals to loading and unloading, based on technologies such as all-composite new materials and industrial Internet of Things, OKet®can provide "source management, intrinsically safe" solutions.


OKet Product Display Area:

1.Interlocking system for safe loading and unloading of hazardous chemicals

Hazardous chemical loading and unloading hides great risks and hidden dangers in the process of operation and operation. In order to avoid various accidents caused by overfilling of materials, hose burst, static electricity, improper operation, etc., the intrinsic safety level of loading and unloading operations is further improved. , Safety interlock standard control items must be a lot.


OKet®displayed some important products in the interlocking system for safe loading and unloading of hazardous chemicals at this forum: quantitative loading controller (QLC-1), process controller (UPA-100+), crane homing controller (LAA) -100), explosion-proof flow switch, wheel block homing controller, etc. The exhibition area attracted many guests to visit and exchange. The representative of OKet®further introduced the integrated process controller to the guests through the demonstration operation to realize car key management, human body electrostatic discharge, grounding bolt detection, overflow prevention, toxic gas detection, and return of the crane tube. Interlock control and management of functions such as control and pneumatic valve connection. At the same time, it is matched with the quantitative loading controller and the host computer to form a complete quantitative loading control system to realize quantitative control. The voice broadcast intelligently guides the loading and unloading process, and the countdown function ensures that the personnel are on duty and helps to improve the standardization level of the operation. By detecting the unsafe factors in the loading and unloading truck, alarming and locking control to stop loading and unloading, making loading and unloading safer and more worry-free.



2.Hazardous chemical enterprise safety production information system


Based on the Internet of Things technology, OKet® has designed and developed a safety production information system for hazardous chemical enterprises, helping enterprises to realize a full range of personnel, vehicle, plant management and control systems, production, and operation management, and improve petrochemical warehousing. The digital construction level of enterprise safety production.


The safety production information system of hazardous chemical enterprises includes:


  • Personnel automatic positioning system
  • Double prevention mechanism information system
  • Information management and video monitoring system for the whole process of special operations
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance System
  • Enterprise safety production total factor management
  • Major hazard data source collection Internet of things construction


3. All-composite floating tray


OKet A&Z's Vap-O-Loc® high-efficiency fully jointed liquid internal floating tray, the main body is a honeycomb sandwich structure made of all composite materials, factory prefabricated modules are integrally formed by thermoset connection technology, no splice joints, reducing emissions from the source, eliminating VOCs emissions at the splice joints, with a number of advantages such as safety, environmental protection, anti-corrosion, fire resistance and explosion resistance. It has been applied in many provinces and cities, such as Nanning, Guangxi, Shijiazhuang, Jilin Yanji, etc., and has been affirmed and praised by customers.



OKet® sincerely congratulates on the great success of this conference. In the future, OKet®will insist on focusing on the needs of the industry, and strive to provide customers with more complete intelligent warehousing and handling solutions, create greater corporate benefits, and create a bright future for the petrochemical industry together with our customers and all sectors of society!