OKet new exhibition hall put into use

With the new structure of OKet® group, recently, the OKet® exhibition hall completed and put into use.


Together with the orange light belt, the new logo is on the entrance of the hall, OKet® --- Outstanding Knowhow, Excellent technology, which will express the sincerity, innovation and vitality to the visitors, as the part of our corporate culture.

Besides, advanced demonstration equipment will help customers know the products better. In the center area of the exhibition hall, the “intelligent tank monitoring system” and its data management platform are the most intuitive displays to the guests , all data from the ATG system, the leak detection system as well as the tanker truck system can be recorded and shown.






he new hall will show you a closing oil transport process from the oil depot to the gas station with OKet® solutions. No matter your profits, or the environment, OKet® can be your guard.


Welcome to OKet®!

Welcome to visit the OKet®exhibition hall!