OKet has completed the installation of more than 200 tanker trucks ATG system

The bidding project of OKet Smart Control's Tanker Truck ATG system in PetroChina, covering four regions in Guizhou Province, Hainan Province, Zhejiang Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with the installation task of more than 200 tanker trucks, has basically completed the acceptance and achieved a stage victory.



Since winning the bid,  OKet staffs work together to complete the project in each province with fast speed and high quality.

In the implementation process, Zhejiang project took the first step, safety measures and explosion-proof tools were prepared, personnel were in place, and overtime was worked to complete the Zhejiang project with fast speed and high quality.

Hainan project followed, each department has its own duties at the same time to assist each other, the old, middle and young colleagues in harmony, the inheritance of not only the work skills and entrepreneurial spirit, but also the team attack when the joy and harmony. The blazing sun of Hainan in the daytime, the coolness of the midnight, the dusty face and the occasional laughter and cursing, under the shadow of the coconut palm trees, emerged a little touched, and the project was successfully installed and completed.



There are many tanker trucks in Guizhou and Inner Mongolia projects, and the company also supports them, as well as the installation projects of tanker truck ATG system in Jiangxi, Ningxia and Jingbo, which are joined in the middle, and the complicated work tests the distribution of the company and the endurance of the personnel.