OKet has been awarded the Green Enterprise Certification (AAA Level)

From October 23rd to 24th, after evaluated by Best International Certification Co., Ltd., the green enterprise service capabilities of Qingdao OKet Instrument Co., Ltd. reached the AAA level requirements stipulated in Q/BC 002.1-2023 Green Enterprise Evaluation Specification Part 1: Production-oriented Enterprise, and successfully passed the certification.


Certificate coverage: production of explosion-proof measuring instruments (ATG System, Calibration Device, Flow Meter (including special Flow Meter)), explosion-proof instrumentation (Leak Detection System, Gas Detection System, Delivery Safety Controller and Interlocking Equipment), Monitoring System (Multi-integrated information platform, AI intelligent terminal, IoT gateway).

A green enterprise takes sustainable development as its own responsibility and integrates green concepts and implementation into the whole life cycle of the enterprise, so that the entire process of products from design, research and development, technology, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and waste treatment is in line with the clean, efficient, low-carbon, circular green concept. This certification not only inspects the company's production process, but also inspects the company's environmental performance throughout the supply chain. This certification is an important achievement for OKet, and is also the industry’s high recognition of OKet’s efforts in sustainable development and environmental protection.

Green, low-carbon, efficient and safe. In the future, OKet will further increase investment in environmental protection and promote technological innovation, not only produce high-quality products that meet environmental protection requirements, but also ensure the safety and reliability of products, improve service levels, and make greater contributions to the coordinated promotion of high-end, intelligent and green development of the industry.