A Thank-You Letter from PetroChina Transport Shanxi Branch

On January 25, OKet received a thank-you letter from PetroChina Transport Shanxi Branch, expressing recognition and praise for OKet's outstanding professionalism and sincere and reliable service in the implementation of the vehicle-mounted liquid level meter project at PetroChina Transport Shanxi Branch.

A piece of thank-you letter, warming the New Year and inspiring, is the best New Year gift we have received.


In order to strengthen the management of oil transportation, reduce transportation losses in transit, and avoid quality loss accidents during transportation, Shanxi Branch of PetroChina Transport started installing OKet's vehicle-mounted liquid level meters since August 2022. In 2023, Shanxi Branch increased the supervision of the vehicle-mounted liquid level meters, ensuring that every device's alarm information is checked, cooperating with the video monitoring system, and guaranteeing the normal operation of the equipment 24 hours a day. The excellent application of OKet's vehicle-mounted liquid level meters provides strong data support for improving transportation efficiency, optimizing logistics solutions, supervising transportation links, reducing compensation rates, minimizing transportation losses and spillages, ensuring the completion of transportation tasks, increasing business volume, and handing over oil product quality, among other aspects.


Throughout the implementation of the project, OKet strictly adhered to customer requirements, closely monitored the schedule, ensured quality, safety, and progress, and sincerely and efficiently solved problems for customers.


We are honored to receive recognition and trust from Shanxi Branch of PetroChina Transport. This support will be the driving force for OKet's continuous progress, urging us to work even harder in the new year! With the original intention of everything for the customer, we will use innovation and hard work to write a beautiful new chapter.